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Selling Art and Craft in India

You have the talent. You have created something beautiful. What’s next?

Have you been wondering ….

  • What’s your creation worth?
  • Can you sell it?
  • How to showcase what you have for sale?
  • How to find customers?
  • How do I accept payments if I find interested buyers via social media?
  • I could sell from my very own e-commerce site, but where to start?
  • Is there an easier, faster, and cost-effective way to take the e-commerce route?

If you have pondered over any of the above questions, you have come to the correct place.

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Sell here in 3 easy steps!

Welcoming Artists, Artisans and Crafters who need a platform to retail their product in an easy, creative, and cost effective fashion.

Why Artnbuff Bazaar?

India is a country of Art. It is everywhere. It was practiced during the time of Ramayana. However, in the current age of technology, Art is losing its prevalence. It is becoming harder and harder to earn a living by pursuing a passion for Art.
Technology cannot be avoided because of the convenience it brings to our day-to-day life. Then why not work with technology and use it to promote Art, bring Artists and Art lovers together, and make Art accessible?

Who should sell at Artnbuff Bazaar?

You can sell at Artnbuff Bazaar as long as you have artwork or handmade crafts to sell. However, Artnbuff Bazaar was founded specifically to support the following people in India.
– Artist:
– Artisans:
– Self-help group of Crafters:

What do I need to sell at Artnbuff Bazaar

Skills: Either you have the skills to create artwork or handicrafts. Or you know the people who have that skill and can use your help in hosting an online store that includes listing products, answering customers’ questions, shipping off the order, etc.

Passion: You have to be passionate about Art.

GSTIN: As per Indian regulation, every online seller must register for GST. I hope this regulation becomes friendlier for those just starting to sell their creation.

Internet access: Needless to say that you would need Internet access to sell on the Internet.

How much will it cost to sell at Artnbuff Bazaar?

Nothing. At least nothing out of your pocket. Your listing is at the price you expect to get paid. Artnbuff Bazaar will markup the price to cover the cost of fees, commissions, and Taxes before presenting it to the customers. And you get paid very close to (if not precisely) the listing price.

Anything else we need to know?

– Artnbuff Bazaar is primarily for Indian buyers and sellers. Therefore, Indian Rupee is the primary currency of transactions.
– Sellers must be selling products made in India and shipping from India.

Have questions? Ask it here.

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