Artnbuff is an online community and e-commerce solution for Artists, Crafters, Artisans, and Art Enthusiasts. We endeavor to give the Artists, Artisans, and Art lovers around the world one single platform to connect and support each other.

Artnbuff Bazaar is a Marketplace for India-based retailers to sell hand-crafted, hand-loomed, and hand-painted products. Retailers can open and run their independent Stores at Artnbuff Bazaar. And get the benefit of an e-commerce website, without the burden of building or maintaining one.

E-commerce is an opportunity to reach out to a wider customer base. It is also a necessity in today’s era of the internet. However, hosting a traditional e-commerce website requires skill, time, and money. A cheaper alternative to hosting an eCommerce website is to sell from one of the many online marketplaces. However, those marketplaces don’t give much ability to build individual identity. While this works well for mass-produced items, but not so much for individually-crafted items. After all, who goes to the grocery store to buy a painting?

At Artnbuff Bazaar, every Artist/Representative gets a personalized webpage to create and promote their unique identity, craft, and creativity.

We are on a mission to help Indian art and craft retailers reach out to customers worldwide by making it easier and affordable for them to get into eCommerce.

Our Vision is that Artnbuff Bazaar will become the ultimate online store for customers worldwide for Indian Artworks, handicrafts, and Cultural Items.