The custom of giving Shagun/gifts during weddings and festivals is an important part of Indian culture. Artnbuff Bazaar makes it easy to curate the perfect gift for any occasion. With a wide variety of products to choose from, our team can ensemble a Shagun basket or gift bag that is personalized, thoughtful, and truly special. Shopping at Artnbuff Bazaar not only makes Shagun gifting a pleasant and hassle-free experience but also helps support local communities and preserve India’s rich cultural heritage.

When buying Shagun/Return gifts from Artnbuff Bazaar, customers can choose from a variety of products, including cash envelopes, symbolic items, or other traditional Shagun gifts. These products are not only beautiful and unique but also help support the livelihoods of skilled artisans and craftsmen across the country. By purchasing from Artnbuff Bazaar, customers can not only give a thoughtful and meaningful Shagun/gift but also contribute to the preservation of traditional Indian crafts and art forms.

How it works

  1. Initiation
    • Start by filling up the request form.
    • Provide as much information as you can.
    • Submit the form when ready.
  2. Gift design
    • We will work with you to design the gift pack.
    • We will work with our Artists and Artisans to estimate the price and duration to complete the work.
    • We will send you the estimated price, dates, and scope of work .
  3. Confirmation
    • We will send you a link to confirm the order.
    • You will get to review the scope of work.
    • We receive the final order confirmation and advance payment.
  4. Creation
    • Our artist/artisan will start working on it.
    • We may send images of the in-progress work.
  5. Delivery
    • We will send the image of the finished gifts for your sign-off
    • Finished gifts get shipped to your address.

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Get your next festive gifts made just for you by our community of Artists and Artisans.

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